Generation Sext

by Sext Message

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released January 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Sext Message Lincolnton, North Carolina

Jonathan "Battleship" and Stephanie Hughes' keytar driven synth pop.
Electronic love songs... Sometimes really sweet. Always really sexy.

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Track Name: Earn It
It's been a long night - going to bed alone
Sheets soaking wet - and you're still not home
Walking the floor in anticipation
Come on baby, don't leave me waiting

I'll dim the lights, you close the door
This moment's what I've been longing for
Take your time - take me slow
I know what you need, you know where to go

30 miles 'til the end of the road
You're up waiting and you're ready to go
Watchin' my speed - can't go too fast
Five more miles, I'll be home on that ass

I'll dim the lights, you close the door
This moment's what I've been longing for
Take your time - take me slow
I know what you need, you know where to go
I'll give you what I know you like
Don't worry baby, we've got all night
I'm all yours and you're all mine
It's just me and you if just for tonight
Track Name: Smut Wars
Sure do wish we could bone
Instead I'm in my dorm room all alone
Use my wifi, get on IM
Find the dirtiest porn and hit send

We're gonna have a smut war
Finding nudes galore
Takin' it hardcore when you Google her back door
Threesomes with sub plots
Let's see what you got
Make sure the door is locked 'cause you sure can get me hot

Here we are, far from home
Wanting more than you can give me on the phone
Long distance costs too much
Wish I was with you - this sucks
Track Name: Robot Party
1:57am - I should be goin' home
But the party is not stoppin' - even though it's past last call
Dial up my robot and say "I'm taggin' you in...
Cover for me tomorrow." Robot's workin' for me again

Callin' all our friends - It's goin' down tonight
We're callin' in to work tomorrow
Robot party all night
Call up all your friends - And get turnt up tonight
You'll callin' in to work tomorrow
Party 'til the day light

Responsibilities - they're just not for me
Don't worry about the morning, and have a drink or three
While CEOs sip coffee and drag through 9 to 5
I just ordered some pizza and I'm playin' xBox Live
Track Name: Space Adventure
Going on an adventure
Leave this world behind
Not sure where I'm going
But you're by my side
So fire up the engine
Let's get out of town
Hitting warp speed with my captain
And I can't slow down

There's nothing you can do, we're going on a space adventure today
There's nothing you can do but watch us fly away
We're going to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus
The last stop our rocket is making is on Uranus

We're cruising, moving faster
Than the speed of light
Hitting on all cylinders
Racing through the night
And as we look back on the Earth
Our problems seem so small
And all it took was a space adventure to cure it all
Track Name: A for Effort
Gathered up, all walks of life
Gettin' pumped for karaoke
Worked out my moves last Friday night
Sat alone, but feelin' right
Picked out my songs, I rocked 'em out
I'm gonna slay, without a doubt
They don't know, they have no clue
Reppin' for my westside crew

We're singing karaoke, we're singing and we don't give a fuck

"Billy Jean" to "Danger Zone"
Sing the song like it's your own
Genesis and Tears for Fears
It's your choice, no judgement here
Your name's been called, so take the stage
Grab a mic and just be brave
Hear the song's first notes ring out
It's go time, so shout it out!
Track Name: Need You Tonight
All you've got is this moment
21st century is yesterday
You can care all you want
Everybody does - yeah, now that's okay

So slide over here, and give me a moment
Your moves are so raw, I've got to let you know
I've got to let you know - You're one of my kind

I need you tonight 'cause I'm not sleeping
There's something about you girl
That make me sweat

So how do you feel (I'm lonely)
What do you think (Can't think at all)
What you gonna do (Gonna live my life)

* originally written and recorded by INXS *
Track Name: Krazy with a K
I've waited all my life to be with you behind closed doors
Waiting in the dark, beneath the mess of your closet floor

They may think that I'm crazy
But I know that I want you
I don't care what it takes
As long as I wake up next to you

I'd lie, I'd cheat, I'd steal, pawn my keytar just to move in
If I found out the apartment next to you was up for rent
Track Name: Seven Twenty Two
Waiting for tomorrow, but I can't get past today
So much seems impossible
So much in the way
I'm tired of looking back, tired of being on my own
I was lost and then you found me
Now I'll never be alone

Rescue me and I'll repair your heart
Two against the world, just like it's always been
I'll keep on fighting. I won't give up
With you on my side, the darkness can't win

Backs against the wall, with the shadows closing in
Once a frightened girl, I won't be afraid again
You say "This is not the end. Darlin' don't you fear."
You reach out for my hand and the demons disappear
Track Name: Last Call
Clock is ticking - time is running out
Gotta make moves - gotta turn it out
The crowd is restless - wanting one more drink
Orders pilin' up - ain't got time to think
It's 15 'til 2 - fear is setting in
The bathroom line - seems to have no end
I've had enough, but I want one more
Liquid courage - I've gotta score

Race against last call - I'm panicked at last call
Gotta get one more - race against last call

She caught my eye from across the room
The bar is closing - we'll be leaving soon
I've got my drink - and another too
Heading over to make my move
It's 2:15 - fear is setting in
Gotta act fast or she'll leave with him
The after party - I've got the news
With this knowledge there's no way I lose